I couldn't bare to leave my old Half-Life Website stuff unavailable to the world any longer, so here it is. That's all this is: stuff from my old website, so don't expect it to be kept up-to-date and for any more games to be added.

Danny's Half-Life Website: 2005 - 2008

Danny Cox's Official Website, as it looked before the separate Half-Life Website launched, with the Half-Life intoduction page openMy Half-Life Website started as part of Danny Cox's Official Website, my stupidly named personal website of the time. The Half-Life 2 section launched in late 2004, with the Half-Life and Opposing Force sections being quite a bit older than that (I don't know exactly when, as I only started recording updates that year).

Danny's Half-Life Website, as it looked when I stopped updating itThe Half-Life-related sections were spun-off into their own website in 2005, originally called (the even more stupid) Danny Cox's Official Website: Half-Life Sub-Domain. The Blue Shift section finally launched in 2006, followed later by sections for Half-Life and Half-Life 2 Mods, which I mainly added in the hope that coverage of mods would increase the amount of news to post. It didn't really.

Not thinking that it was worth the time to redesign it (it had a terrible frame-based layout, as you can probably see on the right), I decided instead to discontinue updating it in 2008 and to focus on my The Sims Website. It was left online for a while, before being taken down entirely because I thought I was out of web space.

Cut to August 2010, and after a browse through my personal copy, I thought: "I can't just keep all this to myself! There's some good stuff here!" And this website is the result.