Who do you not need to point your weapons at in Blue Shift? Read on...

The Allies
Name Description Picture
Scientists At the start, Scientists are mostly just rude to you. After the incident though, they're very friendly, and are happy to get you to do difficult tasks for them to help you and them escape. Funny that. Scientist
Dr. Rosenberg Dr Rosenberg - the most important scientist in your 'quest' - wants nothing more than to escape from the facility. But things look grim when he is captured by the military and locked up in a container...
Security Guards (AKA: Barney or Otis) Your fellow Security Guards are the only people on your side that have weapons. It's pretty useless though, as about the only Security Guards you see in the game after 'The Incident' are either dead or almost there. The thin versions are sometimes known as Barney, with the fat ones called Otis. Security Guard
The G-Man (AKA: The Man in the Blue Suit) Not much is known about this guy, but you see him once or twice in the game. He doesn't hurt you, so I suppose he's an ally. The G-Man