Aliens have started appearing throughout the Black Mesa Facility for some reason, and they're certainly not friendly. Fortunately, the government has sent the Military. Unfortunately, they're not friendly either. Read all about them on this page.

The Enemies
Name Description Picture
Headcrabs These things jump at you, attach to your face and turn you into a zombie, if you don't kill them quick. Headcrab
Zombies This is what happens when one of the Headcrabs turns you into a zombie. If you get too close, they'll lash at you with their claws, so stand back and shoot them in the head. Zombie
Bullsquids These just spit at you - well, at a distance, but if you get too close they'll lash out at you, which will hurtle you through the air. Bullsquid
Alien Slaves Watch out for the Slave's slow charging electric attack, which will hurt you quite a bit if you don't dodge it. Alien Slave
Houndeyes These use waves to hurt you, but aren't that hard to kill. Houndeye
Barnacles These things don't really do much, unless you walk into it's tongue, in which case it will pull you up to it's mouth and eat you. Just shoot them a few times and you'll be fine. Barnacle
Alien Grunts These are very powerful, and are about the only alien that uses a weapon. Shoot them enough times and they'll go bye bye. Alien Grunt
Alien Controllers Control aliens I assume, though they seem to just float around firing weird blobs at you more than anything.
The Military The good news is the military are here! The bad news is they will kill anything they find! And that includes you. Military