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Here's all the entries posted to the guestbook. Three entries. I had forgotten it was this bad...

Name: Michael
Homepage: http://www.counterstrikewars.piczo.com
Age: 16
Date: July 01, 2006
Time: 09:55:50 PM


LOL, danny your site has good info and design. I love it!

Name: Patrick
Homepage: http://cisco-memory-1826.blogspot.com
Age: 6
Date: July 06, 2006
Time: 10:47:37 AM


Looking for information and found it at this great site...

Name: Dean
Age: 16
Date: October 05, 2006
Time: 10:12:35 PM


I just thought id say, half-life 2 episode one, is such an amzing game, if you like any half-life game, you should get this. I brought it today and its so good. Also half-life 2 episode 2 comes out soon i think, and the screenshots of that look great. Trust HL2E2, is worth getting, its only £20, so why not.