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Saturday 19th January 2008:
Gordon Freeman: Strongest Personality in Gaming: That's what GamesRadar UK's David Houghton says in his new feature anyway.

Half-Life 2 is widely and rightly regarded as a modern classic. In terms of both gameplay and artistry there have been few, if any, games in the FPS genre which have had as serious an impact on gamers and gaming. The gameplay innovations it brought us in terms of the Gravity Gun and the detailed reactive physics of the overall game world are still being used heavily as selling points by games today (See Crysis, for example. Throwing heavy things around is not new), and its story is more epic and affecting than the vast majority of movies.

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That above is all the news on the homepage when the website was discontinued. Yeah. Click the links below for the rest:

No good news was posted in 2005 so I'm not wasting my web-space by porting it here.