Great news! To make up for the military being on your side this time, about five new types of alien have came along to try and kill you!

The Enemies
Name Description Picture
Headcrabs These things jump at you, attach to your face and turn you into a zombie, if your don't kill them quick. Headcrabs
Zombies This is what happens when one of the Headcrabs turns you into a zombie. If you get too close, they'll lash at you with their claws - so stand back and shoot them in the head.
Zombie Grunts These are a harder version of the Zombie and are able to throw green stuff at you... It hurts too. (Picture unavailable)
Bullsquid These just spit at you - well, at a distance, but if you get too close they'll make you go flying!
Alien Slaves These aliens can pack a powerful, electrical punch if you're not careful!
Houndeyes These use waves to hurt you, but aren't that hard to kill. Houndeye
Barnacles These things don't really do much - unless you walk into it's tongue, in which case it will pull you up to it's mouth and eat you. Just shoot them a few times and you'll be fine. Barnacles
Alien Grunts These are very powerful, and are about the only alien that uses a weapon. Shoot them enough times and they'll go bye bye. Alien Grunts
Ichthyosaur These are quite difficult to kill, but compared to the aliens below, they're easy! They move very fast through the water, too. Ichthyosaur
Tentacles These are very strong and cannot be killed by regular weapons. They do not have eyes, so to get around them you just have to crawl very silently. Tentacles
Gargs These aliens are another in the can't-kill-with-weapons variety. Just stay away from them as much as you can. Garg
Pit Drones These shoot sting-things at you which hurt pretty bad - be careful around these.
Shock Troopers These shoot at you with a weapon that you can take when it dies (if it doesn't kill you first). They are normally in groups of two or three and might be quite difficult to defeat.
Shock Roach Once you kill a Shock trooper they'll drop one of these. Keep away from them and they'll die by themselves - then pick them up and use them as your own electrical weapon. (Picture unavailable)
Voltigore These are big, bad and ugly! They shoot electricity at you, but it's more powerful than the Alien Slaves. When you do manage to kill one (a few grenades will do the trick) run away, as they will blow up.
Assassins/Black Ops These are pretty good at killing you - they travel in big groups and hate the military. Don't know why, I think they're from the government too... Beware of the female version, their quick on their feet and harder to kill than the males.