Half-Life: Visitors (Half-Life Mod)

This is the only mod I covered in sufficient detail for me to bother porting it to here.

You play Dr. Alan Green, a lawyer from Florida, who is sent to The Black Mesa Research Facility to carry out a safety evaluation. This mod takes place during the happenings of the original Half-Life, making it like Opposing Force with the story from a different perspective.


After arriving at the Facility, Alan decides to go to the Cafeteria, but he doesn't quite make it - an explosion occurs, and he is knocked out. When he wakes, he sees some horrible zombie-like creatures wearing lab coats coming towards him! That's not all, there are what appear to be alien beings everywhere. It gets worse when he finds the military are trying to kill everyone as well. Alan needs to escape - alive preferably.


Here are six screenshots I took during my 'play test':

Half-Life: Visitors screenshot Half-Life: Visitors screenshot Half-Life: Visitors screenshot Half-Life: Visitors screenshot Half-Life: Visitors screenshot Half-Life: Visitors screenshot


Invisible walls at the beginning are a bit annoying, and how you seem to black-out at a tram stop before waking up on a moving tram. But it gets better - there are some good puzzles, and the enemies are placed well. The black-ops from Opposing Force are present in Visitors, as well as the military, which increases your enemies a bit, as they both want you dead. I'm not sure about a bit where you get teleported, see a building explode, then find yourself on a cliff-face with no weapons, but the mod is overall pretty good. There are two new weapons too - a pipe that's stronger but slower than the crowbar, and a sniper-rifle - like the one in Opposing Force, but a bit cooler looking. I would recommend this mod to fans of Half-Life.

Installation Instructions

Applies to the Steam version of Half-Life only:

Firstly download the .exe file from either Half-Life Files (free) or fileplanet (free registration required), then run it. On the "Target directory selection" page, open "Desktop", "My Computer", the "Local Disk" Steam is installed in ("C:" for example), "Valve", "Steam", "SteamApps", the folder with your user name, then select "half-life" (phew). If you didn't follow that very well, you simply need to choose this folder:
"<hard-drive>\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\<username>\half-life\". Finish off the installation, then you're ready to play. Just re-start Steam, go to the "My Games" tab, and select "Half-Life: Visitors".