This is the place to find out what you'll be shooting with in Half-Life 2

The Weapons
Name Category Description Picture
Crowbar 1 The Crowbar you had in Half-Life 1 - use it to destroy boxes and easy enemies (like Headcrabs and Man Hacks).
Zero-Point Energy Gun (Gravity Gun) 1 An invention of Eli's, this can pick up and throw small to medium sized objects.
9mm Pistol 2 The first gun you get; it is good for killing small easy enemies.
.357 Magnum 2 A highly powerful gun capable of killing in one-shot. Don't use it all the time however, because ammo can be hard to find.
SMG (Submachine Gun) 3 A machine gun that is best used at close range because of it's bad accuracy. It has grenade rounds as a secondary mode.
Overwatch Standard Issue (Pulse-Rifle) 3 A powerful gun capable of killing pretty strong opponents. Its secondary mode will disintegrate almost any living thing it touches.
Shotgun 4 A powerful weapon for close to reasonable range combat. It's secondary mode fires two shots, rather than one.
Crossbow 4 A weapon best used for killing someone (or something) who's quite far away, is standing still, and hasn't noticed you. It's the alternative to a sniper rifle, except is slower at firing. When they do connect though it'll kill straight away.
Grenade 5 Good in an explosive situation. Use these to kill large clumps of enemies at once, or to destroy that blasted automated machine gun.
RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) 5 Basically a laser guided rocket launcher. Use it to destroy things like Combine Helicopters and Striders. Although you can only carry three rocket propelled grenades at a time, there is always an unlimited rocket propelled grenade box around when you need one.
Pheropods (Bug-bait) 6 Use these to make Ant Lions follow and protect you. The primary function tells them to go somewhere and/or attack something, while the secondary function tells them to follow you.