Here is a list of all the weapons in Half-Life

The Weapons
Name Description Picture
Crowbar The crowbar is the weapon you start with; used for breaking glass, destroying boxes, killing easy enemies - everything a gun can do, without the ammunition.
Pistol The first gun you get. There's not much to it really - it's just a pistol.
Machine Gun One of my most used weapons; the machine gun has a secondary mode as a Grenade Launcher.
Shotgun A pretty powerful weapon but very inaccurate at long distances.
Magnum A very powerful one-shot-kill weapon. But don't use it too much because ammunition is scarce.
Grenade Need to kill a big group of enemies fast? Grenade them!

Satchel Charges

Very powerful explosive devices which are detonated by remote.

Crossbow This weapon is good at killing the Ichthyosaurs as it can be used underwater and is more powerful than the pistol. It can be used to sniper enemies too!
Trip Mine Once placed these emit a laser which, when broken, will explode the mine.
Rocket Launcher It is very good at killing lots of enemies at once and shooting down enemy aircraft and Military tanks.
Gauss Gun This weapon is very good at very powerful attacks. Like the Rocket Launcher, it is great at shooting down Military aircraft. However, it is very unstable and if charged for too long will hurt you, rather than the enemy.
Gluon Gun This is a very powerful weapon, which can be used to help destroy the bosses in Xen (the alien world).
The Hive-hand This weapon is used by the Alien Grunts. It can be powerful at medium to long distances but if the enemy gets to close you'll be in trouble due to it's slow fire rate. It's ammunition returns by itself.
Snark You throw these things at people and they will attack them. They blow up a short period after release. Warning: They will attack you if there is no-one else to attack.