News: July - December 2006

Friday 22nd December 2006:
More Black Mesa Image Goodness: More screenshots of the good looking remake of Half-Life have been added - see them by clicking below.
 > Black Mesa [Internal link]
Posted 3:57 pm GMT/UTC

Thursday 30th November 2006:
Brand new Black Mesa screenshots: I've added some new screenshots of the highly anticipated mod, Black Mesa. Go to the Black Mesa page to see all five.
 > Black Mesa [Internal link]
Posted 8:24 pm GMT/UTC

Thursday 23rd November 2006:
Interview with Doug Lombardi: FiringSquad has posted an interview with Valve's director of marketing, Doug Lombardi about Episode Two.
 > Interview on FiringSquad
Posted 5:43 pm GMT/UTC

Wednesday 15th November 2006:
Episode One Delayed?: Valve's Doug Lombardi has told CVG that Episode One has been delayed - Valve are now targeting Summer 2007 for the release. No reason was given for the delay.
 > News Article on CVG
Posted 6:31 pm GMT/UTC

Decay being ported to PC: A mod team are porting the co-operative game Half-Life: Decay to the PC. Half-Life: Decay was originally released with the PS2 version of Half-life and was developed by Gearbox Software, who also developed Half-Life: Blue Shift and Half-Life: Opposing Force. Unlike Opposing Force and Blue Shift, Decay consists of multiple separate missions and, as I said, is a co-operative game, although it can be played solo by controlling each character interchangeably. Find out more about the mod on the new page I've added to my Half-Life Mods section.
 > Half-Life Decay [Internal link]
Posted 6:15 pm GMT/UTC

Saturday 11th November 2006:
Contribute News: I'm having a bit of trouble getting the time to post news at the moment, because of the amount of homework in A-Levels, so why don't you help?

Just click that little contribute link under the news title, and you could see your name where it says mine below.

Go on, help me inform the world about Half-Life related news. It could be news of a new (Half-Life universe) mod, information about Half-Life 3, whatever! Just make sure it's Half-Life related.
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Thursday 9th November 2006:
Half-Life 2: Subvertus: I know what you're thinking - no, I don't know what "Subvertus" means either, but this Half-Life 2 mod looks interesting so I've added it to the appropriate mods section, with four screenshots. I'll make sure I update when I get more information about this in-development mod.
 > Half-Life 2: Subvertus [Internal link]
Posted 5:53 pm GMT/UTC

Friday 27th October 2006:
New Half-Life 2 Episodes Section: I've added a section for the Half-Life 2 Episodes. It's a bit empty at the moment, but as soon as I get the time to play Episode One (A-Levels...), and more information is known about Episodes Two and Three, I'll update it.
 > Half-Life 2 Episodes [Internal link]
Posted 12:07 am (GMT/UTC + 1)

Saturday 21st October 2006:
Episode One Development Interview: CVG has posted another interview, this time with Valve's Marc Laidlaw and David Speyrer about the development of Half-Life 2: Episode One:
 > Interview at CVG
Posted 12:24 pm BST (GMT/UTC + 1)

Sunday 1st October 2006:
Operation Black Mesa announced: A re-creation of the Half-Life expansion, Opposing Force, has been announced, and duly added to the Half-Life 2 Mods section. Go to the new page for some screenshots.
 > Operation Black Mesa [Internal link]
Posted 9:46 pm BST (GMT + 1)

Interview with Gabe Newell: CVG has posted an interview with Gabe Newell, Valve's founder and managing director. The interview covers Half-Life 2, Steam, next-generation consoles, and more. Click below to read it.
 > Interview at CVG
Posted 9:06 pm BST (GMT + 1)

Saturday 9th September 2006:
NightFall: A Half-Life 2 psychological horror mod. Find out more and see some screenshots on the new NightFall page. There's also an interesting feature on this mod at Mod DB.
 > NightFall page [Internal link]
 > Feature at Mod DB
Posted 5:01 pm BST (GMT + 1)

Friday 8th September 2006:
New Episode Two Videos: There are some new Official Movies on GameSpot, click the link to view them.
Update (10th Sept 2006 11:32 am BST (GMT + 1)): All the movies are also available on Steam (in a higher resolution). Go to the Store, click "Videos", then find them in the list.
 > Episode Two movies on GameSpot
Posted 11:00 pm BST (GMT + 1)

Wednesday 30th August 2006:
Valve's Doug Lombardi interviewed twice: EuroGamer and Game Informer Online have both posted interviews with Doug Lombardi, which both include some episodic details.
 > EuroGamer Interview
 > Game Informer Online Interview
Posted 3:42 pm BST (GMT + 1)

Half-Life 2: Episode Two video clips: Five video clips of Half-Life 2: Episode Two have been posted on YouTube. Click the links to view them:
 > Video One
 > Video Two
 > Video Three
 > Video Four
 > Video Five
Posted 3:35 pm BST (GMT + 1)

Wednesday 16th August 2006:
Half-Life 2: Episode Two Interview: 1UP.com have posted an interview with David Speyrer (Episode Two Project Leader) about Episode Two. Click below to read it:
 > Interview at 1UP.com
Posted 12:49 pm BST (GMT + 1)

Thursday 10th August 2006:
Half-Life Mod coverage begins: A new era has begun for this sub-domain, starting with two brand new sections: Half-Life Mods, and Half-Life 2 Mods. These sections each cover single-player mods of the appropriate game, set in the Half-Life universe. I've started the sections off with information, my attempt at a mini-review, screenshots and installation instructions for Half-Life: Visitors in the Half-Life Mods section; and a mini-preview and screenshots of the not-yet-released Black Mesa in the Half-Life 2 Mods section. More Mods will be added to these sections soon. Also, I plan to start updating weekly with the latest news relating to the official Half-Life games, as well as these mods. There's no news this week though.
 > Half-Life Mods [Internal link]
 > Half-Life 2 Mods [Internal link]
Posted 3:14 pm BST (GMT + 1)

Sunday 9th July 2006:
The story continues in Episode One - and now you can win it!: If you haven't bought Half-Life 2: Episode One yet, here's your chance to save a bit of cash. Simply enter my Summer Competition! Click below for more information. I will do a section about Episodes One and Two soon.
 > Summer Competition [Link no longer valid]
Posted 6:59 pm BST (GMT + 1)

25th February 2006:
Blue Shift section added - at long last!: Information on the Half-Life expansion telling the story of 'The Incident' from the view point of a security guard called Barney Calhoun has finally been added to the website. I'm sorry it's so late, but I only recently got a copy of the game. I had all the Half-Life games (including Blue Shift) on my old computer when I made the Half-Life and Opposing Force sections, as a friend installed them for me. That person wasn't a friend anymore at the time though, and as Blue Shift, unlike Half-Life and Opposing Force, required the CD-Rom to play, I was unable to make a Blue Shift section.
 > Go to the Blue Shift section [Internal link]
Posted 5:06 pm GMT