News: January - June 2007

Friday 15th June 2007:
Episode Two coming October 9th: CVG are reporting that Half-Life 2: Episode Two will launch on October 9th.
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Thursday 7th June 2007:
Episode Two Hands On: GameSpot have been hands on with Half-Life 2: Episode Two and Team Fortress 2, both part of the upcoming Orange Box (which also contains Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One and Portal).
 > Half-Life 2: The Orange Box Hands On at GameSpot
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Wednesday 30th May 2007:
New Black Mesa Screenshots: Two new screenshots of the Residue Processing chapter of Black Mesa have been released. Click below, then look for the screenshots link to view them.
Black Mesa [Internal link]
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Tuesday 22nd May 2007:
Building The Orange Box: IGN have started a week long feature about Half-Life 2: The Orange Box. There's an interview with Gabe Newell up now, and some hands on previews coming later in the week.
Feature at IGN
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Saturday 19th May 2007:
The Black Box Cancelled: Half-Life 2: The Black Box, a package which was to contain Half-Life 2: Episode One, Portal and Team Fortress 2, has been cancelled, according to IGN. It sounds like if you want Episode Two, you'll now have to purchase The Orange Box, which contains everything The Black Box was going to contain, plus Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One. If you do not need those latter two games, you can then "give away" the product codes. So I'm going to have to pay $10 more for two games I don't need? Excellant.
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Friday 18th May 2007:
Half-Life 2: Awakening released: Half-Life 2: Awakening, a short mod featuring Half-Life: Opposing Force's Adrian Shepherd, has been released! Follow the instructions on the page below to download it.
Half-Life 2: Awakening [Internal link]
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Thursday 17th May 2007:
New Episode Two trailer on GameSpot: GameSpot have added a new Half-Life 2: Episode Two trailer.
The Trailer
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Black Box coming to Steam in October: Valve have confirmed according to Play™ that Half-Life 2: The Black Box, which contains Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Portal and Team Fortress 2 will be released in October.
News Story at Play™
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Saturday 12th May 2007:
PC Gamer preview Episode Two: PC Gamer have been up to Valve for a play of Half-Life 2: Episode Two. They're preview of the game has been posted on CVG.
Episode Two Preview on CVG
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Tuesday 24th April 2007:
GameSpot Question Valve's Erik Johnson: GameSpot have posted a Q&A with Valve's Erik Johnson about the long awaited Half-Life 2: Episode Two. There might be some interesting information in there, but I don't know for sure as I haven't read it (they warn it contains Episode One spoilers and I haven't had time to play that yet).
The Q&A
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Wednesday 11th April 2007:
New NightFall Screenshots: I've added six new screenshots of NightFall Episode 1 to the pop-up accessed from the NightFall page.
NightFall [Internal link]
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Doug Lombardi Interview: Kikizo have posted an interview with Valve's Doug Lombardi, covering Episode Two, the Source engine, Steam and more.
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Wednesday 14th March 2007:
Portal Hands On: GameSpot have posted a hands on preview of Portal, the puzzle game included in Half-Life 2: The Black Box and Half-Life 2: The Orange Box. There's also a video of Valve's Doug Lombardi talking about the game.
Portal Hands On at GameSpot
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Wednesday 7th March 2007:
Portal developer points much of game's success to "the Nintendo Factor": At the Independent Games Summit, portal developer Kim Swift revealed that the developers "wanted [their] game to have the Nintendo factor". Portal will be packed with Half-Life 2: Episode Two in Valve's "The Orange Box" and "The Black Box".
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Wednesday 28th February 2007:
A Half-Life 2 Awakening: Adrian Shepherd returns in the soon-to-be-released mod, Half-Life 2: Awakening. To find out more and see some screenshots, go to the mod's page in the Half-Life 2 Mods section.
Half-Life 2: Awakening [Internal link]
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Tuesday 13th February 2007:
The spammers have arrived: I thought it would happen eventually, and I was right - the spam bots have found the guestbook, and they seem to be having a field day. When I checked my email not long ago, I found, not one, not five, not ten, not even fifteen, but twenty spam guestbook entries. Because of this, the guestbook has had to go the same way as the one on my The Sims Website - it no longer adds entries automatically. Instead, they will be added manually by me if they pass the rules I added just yesterday.
The guestbook [Internal link]
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Thursday 8th February 2007:
Episode Two Delayed Again: Electronic Arts, who will publish the retail versions of Half-Life 2: Episode Two, have revealed that the game (including Portal and Team Fortress 2) have been delayed until "Fall (Autumn) 2007". When it finally arrives, the game will be available in two versions - Orange box, and Black box. The Black box will contain Episode Two, Portal and Team Fortress 2. The Orange box will contain all of that, plus the original Half-Life 2 and Episode One.

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Wednesday 31st January 2007:
Black Mesa Teaser: Finally, some news! A teaser trailer of Black Mesa has been added to its Mod DB page. It's basically just a fly-through of some of the levels previously shown in screenshots. Click below, then play the video under "Modcast Video" - it looked like an advert when I did, but the teaser plays straight after.
Black Mesa Mod DB page
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Tuesday 2nd January 2007:
A new year, a new name!: As 2006 becomes 2007, Danny Cox's Official Website - Half-Life Sub-Domain becomes Danny's Half-Life Website.

I thought the old name was a bit difficult to understand, and slightly (just slightly) too long.

To match the new name, I've created a logo - it's not the best logo in the world, but I suppose it'll do. I've also created a new banner and a new button, so if you're linking to me, could you update them, please? You'll find them on the Link to Me page.

So enjoy the quicker-to-say new name.
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